Junior software engineer

I am a Junior Software Engineer. I studied at the Mining and Economic College in Chervonohrad, Ukraine. Later, I worked in a coal mine while attending the Dnipro University of Technology, where I obtained a Master's degree. Due to reasons related to the war, I emigrated to Sweden, where I lived in a camp with political refugees. Subsequently, I was deported to Poland, where I started working as an installer of electronic security systems. Later, I had to move to Italy to reunite with my mother, as I was informed they would try to deport me to Ukraine since the war was not officially declared. In Italy, I began working as a steward at San Siro stadium. Later, I found employment as an installer of industrial heating systems and then as a thermal deburring machine operator. Afterward, I worked as an electromechanic and then as a welder. Later, in the same company, I was transferred to the role of a laser tube cutting machine operator, where I cut tubes for welders. Unfortunately, I had a cycling accident, and following a brain MRI, a tumor was diagnosed. I underwent surgery in the hospital, after which I experienced difficulty speaking. Currently, I am undergoing a rehabilitation program with the support of doctors.